Carta Galbaria: The Divinus III Wiki


Asceal’s Sphere is known as the Lustrous Garden and can be seen from Galbar as a vast comet that illuminates the night sky and leaves a bright trail that lingers even in the day. The Garden is home to a labyrinthine network of pathways and staircases suspended by and navigating an immense forest of interwoven scintillating white vines. Erupting from crystalline ground and weaving themselves into great luminous trunks that stretch out in open defiance of gravity to reach into and sway in the celestial wind, the vines bathe Asceal’s realm in an omnipresent yet comfortable glow. There are no pathways that lead to the surface of the comet, and the network of walkways and platforms supported by the vines above and below is all but unnavigable. Or rather, unnavigable without the favour of Asceal.

There is little sense to it, but those in the Lustrous Garden who enjoy Asceal’s blessing or invitation are always able to find their way, no matter what turns they take. Those who can navigate the Garden will almost inevitably find themselves in one of the floating palaces of the Goddess of Light. Thousands of castles, all suspended by the vines that erupt from so far below, and made of brilliant crystal dot Asceal's realm. Which one she may be found in is never certain, but for those she approves of they are refuges in her brilliant but often unaccommodating realm regardless; every castle is seemingly replete with all the comforts and luxuries one could imagine. Food, art, and even entertainment in the form of Asceal's servants, the Luminous Ones, are all present in abundance.



Bordering Spheres[]

The Lustrous Garden borders the Spheres of Heliopolis, The World Tree, and The Infinite Maze.